Sunday, February 25, 2007

2.25.2007 Life

Life changes every day. We just don't always notice.

- you leave the house a few minutes late and pass an accident on the way to work - you decide to give up carbs or start an exercise program or take up yoga - you meet a friend for lunch and share confidences that bring you even closer - you recieve an email or card or letter from someone you thought you had lost contact with - you say words to someone that you wish you could take back - you apologize - you see something beautiful - you create a memory or remember one - you read a book - you learn something new

It's all life changing.

And just because it doesn't always feel big or special doesn't make it any less important.

Because life is like that - serendipitous - arbitrary - surprising - amazing - a decision to turn right instead of left - a missed appointment - a choice selected or refused - it all matters - it all affects us.

Each event, no matter it's size or weight or magnitude, changes us.


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