Friday, January 27, 2006

1.23.2006 Sedona, Arizona

Nature is the art of God.
- Thomas Browne

Sunday, January 15, 2006

1.15.2006 To me...

To you, he's a cute boy with freckles. To me, he's so much more...

To me, he's nothing short of a dream come true. I know every little freckle on his angel-kissed face. I know he has already impacted and will continue to impact the lives of many people for as long as he lives.

To me, he's the reason I face the world differently than I did before he was born. I know he's a little bit of a dreamer. I know he has a stubborn streak and I've seen him cry tears of hurt. I know he loves pretzels and I know he likes to make people laugh. I know that in his heart he carries a thousand hopes and dreams his Father and I have for him.

To me, he's everything.

Monday, January 02, 2006

1.01.2006 Whimsical Resolutions

We all make them...resolutions. The beginning of the year is the time to make changes that will make us better; our lives better.

I am making only whimsical resolutions for 2006. Changes that would be nice but I won't feel any guilt for not accomplishing.

*go to Target less*
*smile, hug and laugh even more*
*fill all of those picture frames*
*drive slower*
*scrub the bathroom more*
*grow lots of flowers*
*take more "every-day-life" photos*