Sunday, December 02, 2007

12.2.2007 My Wish for You

I want you two to know how important you are to each other. Brothers need to always be there for each other, even if the rest of the world turns away. As children, you are each other's first playmates, but as you grow into adults, you will also be each other's best friend.

My wish is for you to love each other, respect each other, and be there for each other. There will be times when you'll be annoyed or mad. It's already begun at a young age. it breaks my heart in a million pieces when I see you fight. I always tell you how special you guys are to each other and how important it is to be nice.

B I want you to watch over G as he grows. Make sure he stays on the right path and protect him. Realize he will have different opinions, friends and goals. Respect them and encourage him to do good things in his life. Look after him but foremost be a friend.

G, I want you to also look after B. He may be older, but we all need someone to help protect and guide us. Realize he wants the best for you too. Respect the advice he gives you for what it is, in return for his respect, too.

Make each other laugh. Be there when the other is hurt. Do not hit or yell. Respect and support each other. Don't waste a day of your life in anger. Most importantly, be friends.


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